10 Tips to Conduct Academic Research Flawlessly

Planning research requires you to transition from thinking like a consumer of information to thinking like a producer of knowledge. That sounds simple, but it’s a complex task. It requires both creativity and sharp analytical skills. If you are want to learn how to conduct research project, read through this article for guidance.

Guidelines on how to conduct a research project

  1. Identifying your subject

Selecting a subject can be the most challenging part of research planning. You should choose a topic within the parameters set by the assignment. Given clear guidelines, your case should be of your interest so that you can learn more about it and find a more manageable amount of information. Remember to be original in your work. When it comes to the most critical academic project of your life, opt for custom dissertation writing services to ensure a well-researched and original work.

  1. Problem definition

Defining the problem, the researcher must understand the problem correctly. This involves discussing with others such as friends and colleagues freely so that you can consider their views.

  1. Look at what others have done

It’s worth checking out what others covered out research topics. It will give you an idea of how to write your research project.

  1. Synthesize specific topics

Look at the parameters under your study and formulate some specific questions to help you focus your study.

  1. Visualize the methodology

How are you going to collect the data, which method are you going to use? Usually, the steps of scientific research writing have a section for methodology. Don’t commit to a topic that will not have a visible method or one that may require funding beyond your means. It may appear to be jumping the gun a bit, but you will be glad you did not waste time on projects that you could not have completed on time.

After planning, you can conduct research project.

  1. Role of a supervisor

A supervisor oversees and manages a team or individual to ensure that they are performing effectively and satisfied in their role.

  1. Define the project

At this step, list down the questions you need to answer and formulate ways of arriving at the answer.

  1. Collection and processing of data

The data is collected by mail survey, telephone interviews, or by field interviewer. The data collected must reliable and complete. The collected information is raw. You need to process and arrange it in a more organized manner. Therefore, data must be coated, clarified, and tabulated.

  1. Report

You should go through the report before handing it over. There needs to be a summary of the major points, conclusions, and recommendations.

  1. References

Reference is the last page of a research paper. It has a list of all the sources you have used in your research so that readers can easily find out what you have cited,


The above steps will help you learn How to conduct a research study. Apart from the above guiding steps, you may seek research paper writing help from reputable service providers to learn more.