Available Jobs for Doctor of Social Work Graduate

After many years of fieldwork, professionals choose to get a Doctor of Social Work degree to enhance their education and advance their careers. There has been a 13% growth rate for social workers. The doctrine of social work itself is considered a practice degree taken by individuals who would like to work around the field instead of getting to the more research-oriented programs of Ph.D. With a doctor of social work degree, you can become College professors, medical social workers, administrator positions, field researchers, and mental health clinicians.

College professor

Several students go after this advanced degree to equip themselves with teaching at the post-secondary level because most universities demand a doctorate. The institutions also require professors to finish and publish the research they have done while in the field. You can also get called to provide some advising services of academics within the institution. It is one Great careers in social work that can offer good pay, flexible opportunities, and time offs. You can get paid social work salary per hour.

Field researcher

The degree requires an understanding of social issues that the culture of today faces. It also opens many ways to explore and analyze the factors that contribute to inequality in Society. You will work towards the provision of solutions to the problems through empirical analysis. It is always a growing Factor, especially in the field of child welfare and mental health. You can earn a social work professor salary in the job.

Mental health clinician

Mental health issues are enormous challenges in the Society of today. You may want to opt for a career in diagnosis and counseling, and you may begin practicing in a clinical setting, whether in a university or a hospital. You will address mental health issues and assist patients in leading a stable or fulfilling Life.

Community program administrator

Having this position may want you to identify services and programs that you are community requires all needs. You may seek funding for such programs and lead the administration and analyze the effectiveness of the programs. You may get to work with typical Society segments, including older adults, children, homeless people, or veterans.

Medical social worker

There is a projected need for medical social workers. If you are in this role, you will be required to provide information and counseling and make referrals for families or people dealing with acute, terminal, or chronic illnesses. You may find work in hospitals or other settings of Healthcare work with other community organizations or the nursing care facilities.

DSW vs. PhD

While both are doctoral degrees, they focus on different things. Ph.D. mainly Focuses on research and the analysis of groundwork. Its course work is more theoretical. The DSW involves a lot of practice since it involves a doctor of social work and it is only geared to individuals who are apt to work in the field. Courses for DSW are more in-depth than certificate programs. A student may get clinical practice, service manager, or work within their area.

How the pandemic has disrupted the industry of social work

The pandemic has done a lot of damage and forced several social workers to adapt to video meetings or long phone calls. Even though it is cost-effective and is also provided, social workers weed at the most flexibility, especially in their scheduling. It has come with its challenges that include patient privacy concerns. Several people who require the assistance of these social workers or social work jobs lack phone access or the internet, like the homeless people. It is therefore made it very difficult for social workers to serve their clients well. Other social workers continue to see their patients who have no underlying conditions face to face while keeping social distancing to deal with this obstacle. Both of them are putting on personal protective equipment, including Shields or masks. That has gone a long way in ensuring that they keep the disease prevalence at bay and help people in need.